A slippery success! Maybe.

So on Friday, I wrote about how I'm trying to live as close to a zero waste life as I can and YOU GUYS. I JUST MADE LOTION. FOR MY FACE. 

I'm still trying to figure out some things - like where to get cheaper rosehip seed oil and how to eliminate the amount of plastic that I'm purchasing when gathering these ingredients - but I can't lie: this stuff is amazing. I even gave The Mr a foot rub with it, AND I HATE FEET. I was that proud of my work. 

Of course, neither one of us can open a jar or turn a doorknob to save our lives now so we're both just sort of trapped in our house until we dry out, which could take days. Or even weeks? There's no knowing at this point...

The other problem is the dogs. They now find us delicious. So... if we can't get out of the house because our hands are too slippery and the dogs get hungry enough... this could be goodbye, which is a real bummer since they'll have eaten my now flawless skin so I won't even be able to show it off at the funeral.