All I Need Is Beets.

Friends, I've fallen down a rabbit hole.

A zero waste rabbit hole.

Don't worry. This blog is not at all about to become a zero waste lifestyle blog. It will remain a "what NOT to do with your life" kind of blog. 

But I've gone real deep now and it's bad. Or good? I don't know, you tell me. 

I've been researching mascara recipes. 


When I told my sister this, she appropriately responded, "Why don't you just... stop wearing mascara?"

Which is ridiculous! How would people see my luscious eyelashes, SISTER? 

If I can just mix some coconut oil and beet juice together to make a lip stain that is both effective AND delicious, WHY SHOULDN'T I? 

I mean, yes, I might be going full Frankie. I don't deny that, but let's be honest: We'd all rather be Frankie, right? 

Now, I've fallen down a lot of rabbit holes. There have been baking rabbit holes and knitting rabbit holes (both of which I'm still in, now that I think about it), so this kind of feels normal. I mean, I'm already a vegetarian (going on 10 years now) because I love animals too much, so doesn't it make sense that I would also be doing my best to love the earth and stop buying plastic? 

Doesn't it only make sense that I would smear beet juice on my face? 

Let's be real. I have a future and I'm okay with the way it looks. 

And you're all probably wondering how The Mr is taking this.

At first, he was... concerned.

Now? Well, he knows me well enough to realize that he just needs to hop on board and ride this wave, which is why he lovingly takes me to goodwill to search for sweaters that I can unravel so that I don't buy new yarn for my crocheting projects or previously owned stuffed animals that I can wash and then tear open and re-use their stuffing for my crocheted critters while also giving the skins to the dogs to play with and yes I realize how creepy that sounds - especially coming from a vegetarian, but they're NOT REAL LIVING ANIMALS. I HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT. THEY DON'T HAVE SOULS. 

And yeah, I'll admit it, I'm looking at homemade deodorant and laundry detergent and I LOVE IT.

For starters, it's a huge money saver. I've canceled all of my beauty subscription services, even though I loved them, because let's be real: I don't need new clothes or makeup.


Join me, won't you?