All Ye Who Read This Shall Laugh and Shop! (Hopefully)

A texting conversation between me and Kelloggs: Me: Shall we feast upon tacos and mead this eve?

Kelloggs: Aye, but I may arrive late and depart early.

Me: Aye. I have heard that the recovery from lame-o-nitis is a slow one, but I'm glad to see you feeling well enough to come out at all, good sir!

Kelloggs: If it not be for the felines of Lady S, I shant be ever so lame!

Me: Curses be upon that wretched wench who bequeathed you with as foul a disease as this!


Me: That should be a "get well soon" card.

And so, ladies and gentleman, it became one that you can buy now!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope you're all feeling well! :)