An Evening for the Boobies - and I Met a Clown!

I work a few jobs, one of them being a hostess at a wine bar and restaurant. The owners of this restaurant started a foundation a few years back when they lost a dear friend to Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I didn't really know anything about this form of Breast Cancer, but I found out that it's one of the forms that has no cure and it's one of the hardest to fight.
To raise money for research, we hosted the first of two dinner parties last night, titled A Night 4 Pink. There's a ton of information here. The evening was full of wine, food, music, and laughter - and at $125 a plate, you know that all of those things were incredible! There was even a woman there doing temporary pink ribbon tattoos for donations! It was awesome! And then to top that off, I freaking found out that this woman was a PROFESSIONAL CLOWN. My night was made. Her clown name is Gumball and you can find her here!
Can I just say that a clown who fights cancer might be the most badass woman ever? That's like the coolest superhero ever. Graphic novels need to be made.
Anyway, we're doing the same thing again next week on October 21st from 5-8PM and if you can make a contribution or even make an appearance, we'd love to have you! If you can't make it, just go to their website and donate from there!
Thanks to Gumball for the super awesome tattoo!

Here's to our boobies, ladies! Keep 'em strong!!