And That's When My Dog Decided to Go Zombie Hunting.

So last night was my final night spent in Suburbia at my parents' place for the holidays. It's been a great week, but it'll be nice to go home - especially for Gio. This is how I woke up this morning: Mom: Emelie!!

Me: ueajf?

Mom: Gio just got outside!

Me: I'M UP!

So, if you don't know anything about Huskies, I should tell you that they are runners. They're bred to sled long distances, so if they see any wide open spaces, they get all "OH MAN I CAN RUN THIS I RUN THIS NOW! RUN! RUN! RUN! GO AS FAR AS I CAN!! YAAAAAY!!!"

My parents' yard has this appeal to the nth degree. Remember this picture?:

Yup. That's a lot of cemetery to run and play in.

So I shot out of bed, put on some sort of pants, my Gryffindor scarf, first pair of boots I could find and I headed out, Gio's leash and harness in hand.

It didn't take me long to locate him visually; he was romping around as if to say "Oh my gosh, Mom, isn't this snow awesome? Can we play out here all the time? Watch! I can run really far and really fast! See?" and off he went.

That's when I called Gumby, who is also in town for the holidays and his parents live right around the corner.

Gumby: ...yes?

Me: Hi... wanna play Chase Gio Around the Cemetery with me?

Gumby: Ugh... yeah, let me grab my dog and lasso.

Me: Right. Thanks.

At this point I hadn't seen Gio for a few minutes, which was kind of alarming. I mean, in Suburbia it is way too easy for people to mistake my dog for a wolf. Thankfully, most people around here don't know what to do other than just call the police and say "There's a wolf in my back yard! HEEEELP!!" so I had a feeling that his chances of getting shot at were slim. So, I continued wandering around the cemetery and calling his name.

Until Gumby showed up, Gio and I would cross paths and he would keep doing that thing where he looked at me like it was so awesome that we were out there. I reminded him that I had yet to have my coffee. He did not care.

When Gumby showed up a few minutes later with his dog, Gio came running over to say hello, and that's when I realized that he didn't have a collar on. Awesome.

I wandered over, out of breath from running around after him, and I watched as Gumby made some attempts to lasso my dog in. Gio, naturally, dodged every attempt.

That's when Gio saw me holding his leash and harness and he came running over all psyched like "Mom! Gumby's here! He brought his puppy too! Hey! Is that my harness?? I LOVE MY HARNESS!!" And then he sat down, all excited for me to put his harness on him.

Me: Seriously?

Gumby: You're kidding me.

Me: He really likes his harness... Well thanks so much for coming to help.

Gumby: No worries. I got to use my lasso.

Me: True.

I love my friends. And my weird dog.