And Then My Friends Were Awesome and I Discovered That My Landlord is Just as Weird as I Am.

So, because I have awesome friends, I just recently acquired these: Antique Metal Ceiling Tiles from an Opera House - Thank you Sara!!!

My friend, Sara, just sent those to me from California to "help make my apartment feel like my own" after I posted about my fear of moving back home. In other words, Sara is a freaking baller and I love her. If the rest of you feel like joining the ranks of Sara's awesomeness, feel free to contact me via email for my address. I'm sure you can write this off on your taxes as a charitable donation to the needy.

That being said, here is the text I received from my landlord after I was finished nailing them to my wall:

Landlord: Hi, is everything okay over there? I thought I heard knocking. Wanted to make sure you didn't lock yourself in the bathroom or anything :-)

Me: Hahaha! I was just about to text you. I was hanging up some artwork! Everything is a-okay over here :) Just prettier!

Landlord: Haha, at first I thought someone was at the door, but when I checked, no one was there. Then I figured it was coming from your place... My first thought was that you were just hanging something (that's what normal people would think), but I tend to have an over-active imagination, so my thought process quickly moved to a mental image of you somehow wedged between the wall and your toilet and you were banging on the wall with your toilet paper holder. I know, I'm strange. Glad things got prettier over there!

Me: Let's be honest, that would totally happen to me.