And Then Someone Thought I Was Funny Enough to Guest Post.

It's Tuesday, everyone! Do you know what that means?? Plenty of things! Today is actually an awesome day because on of my blogging BFF's GK Adams had me do a guest post today for her! How exciting!! First of all, this woman is hilarious, so the fact that she asked me to guest post for her is like... an honor to the nth degree! Not to mention, this means that I'm in one extra place on the internet today, so that's extra awesome! Go check out my guest post now!:

How to Get Men to Not Dance with You While Still Being Perceived as Cute and Adorable. 

I was actually super nervous about this guest post for some reason. It took me weeks to come up with something that I thought was worthy of showing up on someone else's blog. I mean, I know you all come here for my amazing insights on life and, of course, for the educational aspect, but when you're showing your stuff off on someone else's turf? It gets scary!

I actually almost just did a guest post about how I was scared about guest posting... And then I thought of the gem that is this story, if I do say so myself. I'm actually legitimately proud of this one, which is always exciting!

So yeah, you should all really go check out the post on GK's blog and then read her stuff, too! She's the best :)

Thank you, GK Adams for letting me take over your blog for the day! Can't wait for you to do the same for me some time!!