Being sick sucks. 

As a kid, it was weirdly exciting to be sick. You got to stay home and watch tv all day and it never mattered that you didn't feel good. As a grown-up, it's the worst. I still got to stay home and watch tv, but nowadays, I only stay home when I really feel awful. I've had a migraine, I've been dizzy and nauseous all day, and as much as I love The Golden Girls, I'm burning out here. There are two good things, of course: I have a really nice husband who is currently making me soup, and a dog who won't leave my side. Seriously, Gio won't leave - and he gets mad when Aloy, our other dog, comes near me. It's kind of endearing.

The good news is that for the first time all day, I can write without getting dizzy or nauseous. The bummer news is that I don't really have a ton to say since I've been bed-ridden and loopy all day. Apparently, I had a fever dream that my dog jumped out the window (he survived) and that I went back to high school and got lost on my way there. I'm pretty sure those were two separate dreams, but both equally disturbing.

Either way, here is a cute picture of Aloy trying to choose between her favorite toy and a chocolate chip cookie. Don't worry, she picked the toy.