Bloggers Are So Weird... and By "Weird", I Mean "Freaking Awesome." Also, I'm Not a Lesbian.

Last night I met up with Pixie Stick for drinks when I got out of work. This girl is an amazing woman who I've wished I was closer with for years now. She's an amazing writer, a beautiful woman, and so smart it drives me crazy. Do I have a crush on her? Maybe. But in that totally cool, nonchalant way that says "I'm not a lesbian, but you're totally awesome and I want to really know you" kind of way. Is that weird?


Either way, this drink date was long overdue.

There is something about getting together with a fellow blogger that is totally refreshing. Even though we barely talked about our blogging lives, there was this sense that we knew each other so much better than we would have otherwise. Granted, Pixie and I have mutual friends and we've been slightly more than acquaintances since high school, but other than that, our relationship has remained more or less virtual. Last night, we finally sat down face-to-face and chatted with some cocktails and it was fabulous. Following each other's blogs has been an awesome way for us to connect. There were some drawbacks, however - for example, I realized that Pixie did not know Dragon's real name, which was weird when I started talking about him and did not refer to him as "Dragon" and Pixie Stick was all "Wait, what's his actual name? I only know your blog identities..." Duh. Maybe I need to get used to that when meeting up with internet friends...

This is why blogging is awesome, though. For those of us that are totally weird and awkward in our real lives, there are  deep friendships to be formed through the cyberspace. You can get drinks with someone who you barely see face-to-face and find yourselves talking about serious stuff like sex and relationships that you would never be able to mention to the people you see on a day-t0-day basis.

It's not even like I'm terribly awkward in social situations - neither is Pixie Stick, by the way. I'd like to think that we're both relatively awesome at parties, but I realized tonight that we both definitely have our oddities. For example, Pixie Stick wears a turkey hat on Thanksgiving. Like, a hat that looks like a dead turkey. I've seen the photos.

We are not normal people.

I love that about us.

In fact, I love that about almost all bloggers. Some of us are quiet and some of us are loud (Pixie Stick and I, I believe, are both in the latter category), but we are all fantastically bizarre. That's why we write.

Okay, this post has been crazy sappy enough, but I just needed to put this out there. I love this thing we call the blogosphere and I love getting together with people who are just as quirky as I am.

Now, everyone go check out the wonder that is Pixie Stick's blog. It's a lot more poignant and meaningful than mine. I believe someone actually told her that her writing changed their life once, and that's pretty amazing.