Can My Chiropractor Cure Me of My Random Disease?

Dragon and I both woke up sick today, which kind of sucks. I'm not sure if it's feverish or not, but my nose is totally stuffed and my throat is mega sore. Luckily it is my day off, so I can just lay around all day and hope that this is gone by tomorrow, plus John Hamm is on her way over with orange juice, so yaaaaay...

Anyway, because my head is pretty stuffed up today, I don't really have much to write about, seeing as how I can't keep myself focused on anything for more than thirty seconds (seriously, it took me a solid two minutes to write that sentence), I don't really have much to say, but I didn't want to abandon you all.

On another note, Dragon is awesome, because even though he feels just as cruddy as I do today, he totally snaked my shower drain before going home to rest, and then he sent me this adorable picture:


And that's all for this day! I'm off to put myself into a coma...

Oh, and I do have an appointment with my chiropractor today... Do you think there's a certain way he can crack my neck to make all of this diseasedness* go away?

*Apparently not a real word, but whatever. I'm sick so I get to do what I want.