*Cough* *Groan* *Sniffle* *Type*

As some of you may have seen last night on Twitter, I am sick. It's okay, I'm not dying. I have a fever, a sore throat, and my head feels all fuzzy-like inside. There are some perks, though! For example, I get to lay in bed and watch my favorite movies all day, like You've Got Mail and other hilarious feel-goods.

Being sick as an adult is so not as cool as being sick when you're a kid. Has anyone else noticed that? When you're a kid, it's all "Yay! No school! I can do whatever I want and watch cartoons all day while Mom or Dad takes care of me and feeds me soup! I wish I could be sick every day!"

Now? Now it's all "Well, this sucks. Not only am I sick on my one day off for the week, but if I don't get better, that's a lot of money that I'm not making. And I live alone, so I have to take care of myself. Maybe I can train Gio to make soup... Nah, I'm too sick to train the dog today... Oh well, I guess I'll just lay in bed and watch movies and hope that makes me feel better..."

It's days like today that being an adult is the absolute worst.

Anyway, I think that's all I got in me today, Readers. I hope you're all feeling fantastic!!


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