Did someone say coffee?

Okay, so I haven't abandoned you all. I know what it looks like, but it's not true!! My web designer, Jackie Chan, is helping me come redesign the blog and make it look much nicer for you all. That's right. WE'RE UPGRADING, DUCKIES.

I also took this week to kind of figure out my life as I'm getting ready to move in EXACTLY ONE WEEK.

It's true. Gio and I are moving to the middle of nowhere (aka, Stars Hollow, CT) to start a new life together as The Gilmore Girls. He'll be Rory and I'll be Lorelai, and we'll have such a grand life as the town's quirky duo, with all of our romantic mishaps, and our strong addiction to coffee. Okay, to be fair, Gio doesn't drink coffee, because the last thing that dog needs is coffee, but I drink enough for the both of us, and that's just fine, because coffee is what makes me perky and adorable all the time, SO STOP JUDGING ME, GUYS.


Anyway... This post was supposed to be all about how I'm not abandoning you... and then it turned into a defense of coffee rant. Because logic.