Dragon's Day Off + My iPad = What the Actual F*ck?


So, Dragon had the day off one day, but I did not, which means that he was left alone in my apartment with my iPad all day long. Normally this means that he'll spend the day watching Netflix, playing video games and goofing around with Gio.


Something must have been in the coffee that day, though, because when I came home, I grabbed my iPad and found this little series of photos (I added the little face later for purposes which should be obvious):










So.. This is what my boyfriend has been doing with his time... I've decided to name the villainous finger "Filango". I feel like he'd make a great evil villain in some cracked out kids show on PBS or something...

In other news, I hope that you're all having a splendid Thursday. Dragon, Jane, and I are all about to go ice skating (yes, I'll bring my camera), which can only be awesome, right? Here's to hoping that I don't fall and slice off any of my fingers (which is surely the only way to destroy Filango...), because that means blood in an ice rink, and that's a bad time for everybody.