He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not... He Kinda Loves Me?

So last night Dragon and I were at the store, picking up dinner and a movie. Deciding on the movie was brutal, as always. We don't fight over it or anything, but we're just so darn bad at just picking something - or he'll pick something stupid and I have to explain that there is no way in hell I'm watching that movie, but then we ultimately do end up getting it and I end up loving it or something stupid like that. It's very frustrating. So anyway, I'm a weirdly mushy-gushy romantic at times, plus I love the essence of randomimity (yes, I just made that word up, and you know what? I'm sticking to it.) Dragon, however, is not the mushy-gushy romantic type. He's more the "My jokes are my love" kind of guy. So anyway, because I am the way I am, I decided to blurt out my feelings right in the middle of the store without any warning.

Me: I love you, darling.

Dragon: ...Okay...

Me: "Okay?"

Dragon: ...

Me: Don't you love me, too?

Now, bare in mind that Dragon tells me that he loves me every single day (without force!), but I'm insecure and I thrive on affection, so my brain, in that moment, naturally decided that Dragon had obviously fallen out of love with me within those past five minutes. 

Dragon (smirking now, because he knows all of this): Kinda.

Me: KINDA???

And then I gave him the grumpy face until we got home where he then hugged me and told me "Of course I love you, my darling."  he continued to enjoy my spiral into insanity for another 45 minutes until he laid down to watch the movie with me and hugged me to make me remember that our past year and a half together has not been a vicious prank.

Or so I thought...