He Was Obviously Drunk and Had No Idea What He Was Saying.

Hey there, favoritest readers of mine! How goes life? It's the end of a long and mildly stressful week for me, and I am so happy to be sitting in my bed, coffee in hand. So, I hadn't seen Dragon all week because we're both so busy all the time, but last night we finally got to go out, get a drink, see some live music, and just flat-out enjoy some time together with some friends of ours. It was awesome.

Until I found out some haunting information.

We were watching this band and I leaned over to tell Dragon that their keyboard player reminded me of Garth.

Dragon: Who?

Me: Garth! From Wayne's World!


Dragon: Oh. I don't know, I've never seen it.

Me: ...

I just sat there staring at him blankly. I was stunned. How has this guy that I love so much never seen Wayne's World? I started going on about that, but it was too loud with the band playing that I could tell I was getting nowhere.

Later on in the car, I had to bring it up again.

Me: How have you never seen Wayne's World?!?

Dragon: I don't know. I started it once and thought it was stupid.

Me: You're stupid! That movie is comedy gold! How do you not appreciate it?

Dragon: I just thought it was dumb, so I stopped watching it.

Me: Maybe you just weren't in the right mood, if that's even possible.

Dragon: No... maybe I just don't like Mike Myers in that movie.

Me: ::GASP!:: For shame! You have no idea what you're talking about.

So now, ladies and gentleman, I have made it my absolute goal to make sure that Dragon sees and adores this movie. I will make him see the truth, don't worry.

I mean... It's Wayne's World. It's party time. It's excellent!