He's Smarter Than He Looks, People.

Hello Readers! This morning is a gray and rainy/snowy one in Ohio. Not ideal when you own a dog who only wants to play outside at all times.

For as weirdly dumb as Gio can be, he's actually really freaking smart and it's starting to scare me a little.

For example...

I let Gio inside about 10 minutes ago. He ate some food and I went back to sit in front of my computer on my bed. I know what you're thinking: "Oh, how pleasant! I wish I could be bed!" Yes. Yes you do. Until you remember that Gio was just outside in a rainy/snowy yard, and you literally just washed your sheets yesterday.

Gio stood at the edge of my bed and I could see him calculating his jump.

Me: No.

Gio just stared at me and then jumped on the bed anyway, leaving a nice paw print on the sheets. Dammit.

Me: Gio, no! You're too wet and gross right now! Get down!

He listens, hurrying off the bed, as I thought to myself "Hey, cool! He knows!"

Then he walks around to the foot of the bed and starts getting that look again like he's about to make attempt #2 to lay on the bed.

Now, I should tell you that when I leave the house, I tell him to lay down on my bed (which is made at that point so that he only dirties up the top comforter after I've wiped his paws off and stuff so that damage is minimal). I know, I know. You're wondering why I would do this after the incident in which he ate the mattress, right? Well, that is a good question... with multiple answers:

  1. I never learn.
  2. His separation anxiety requires that we have this routine before I leave the house so that he knows it will be okay and that he doesn't have to chew everything up.
  3. The mattress incident occurred when #2 was not executed properly and my bed was not made.
  4. It's quite possible that my dog is freakishly high-maintenance.

Anyway, so he knows that my blue comforter is okay for him to sleep on, so he's at the foot of the bed, and all of a sudden, I see him put just his front paws up on the bed, making sure to stay on the comforter. I stare at him. He stares back. And then he works on inching the rest of his body right on up there. I think he was trying to be sneaky, but I just continued to stare at him as he scuttled his way up onto the bed in quite possibly the clumsiest fashion I have ever seen. I still didn't say anything, because I was purely fascinated by it all. Now, I'm looking at this:

Look, Mom! I'm not touching the sheets, just the comforter! Will you let me stay now? Please? I'm a good dog :)

See what I mean? For all his derpiness, the dog might actually know what he's doing. I mean, he seriously is not touching the sheets. His entire body is on the very edge of the comforter, but still just on the comforter. And now he's asleep (I actually woke him up for that picture), so I can't sit here and be mad at him, because he beat the system! And he was so damn determined to do so. I've got to give him props for that.

It's like having a really cool and furry toddler - you know, the ones that surprise you with how much they really know? Yeah. That's this guy.

Maybe I can train him to clean the apartment... Then again, he did eat my mattress... So... maybe not. Especially now that I'm looking at this:


Have a great day, Readers!

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