Hey! It's the First Ever Book Review Selection Drawing - Come See If Your Pick Won!

Good morning everyone! Thanks so much for all of your suggestions for what book I should read this month! The video of me picking this month's book is on youtube, you can just click on the link below if you want to watch:

The First Ever Book Drawing!! Yay!

I wish I could post videos into this blog, but I unfortunately don't have that ability. Wah-wah. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks again! Please feel free to read along with me, and start thinking of new suggestions for what I should read throughout February! You can make those suggestions up until February 1st on the Book Reviews page! I will also be posting the book of the month on that page, so if you don't want to watch the video of me picking them at random, you can always just cut to the chase and find out what I'm reading on that page.

Thanks again, everyone! I'm picking up the book today!