How Do I Adult?

Okay, so earlier this week, I went to go write my rent check and when I opened up my check book, there were NO MORE CHECKS. "NOOOOOO!!!"


So then I was all "okay, this is fine. Time to refill my checkbook."

And that's when the problem really arose. I can't find my box of checkbooks. Anywhere.


Even sadder yes.

So, I figured they were at my parents house, so I drove into Suburbia to search for them. I went up to my bedroom and searched through my desk, my filing cabinet, and any other drawers I could find. I did not find the checks. I did find a DVD of the musical "Cats" and some other embarrassing mementos from my past.

Later at the bank...and by later, I mean at 9:15 this morning....

Me: Hi, I need to make a withdrawal.

Banker: Okay, I just need to see your license.

Me: Sure. Also, I have kind of a dumb question... I can't find my checks anywhere - like the box of checks - and I need to pay rent, and earlier this week, I opened up my checkbook to pay my rent and there weren't anymore checks, so I was all "Nooooo!" There's no way that you guys would have just sent me one booklet of checks, right? I'm not an idiot, am I?

Banker: can check to see what the next check number would be in your order?

Me: Oh, that would be super!

And then a guy walked into the bank with a puppy that looked like this:


And that's when both the banker and myself lost our shit and couldn't really focus on how non-adult I am. Until the puppy pooped everywhere, but that happened later.

We regained composure and she was all "Yeah, you should have four more books" and I was like "Awesome! I'm so responsible!"

So, I went back to my apartment to give my landlords some cash and to turn my place inside-out - and I mean that quite literally. It looks like my life exploded in there. Except there are still no checks. Not even in the default "I don't know where to put this, so I'll just cram it in here" drawer!

How are they not in there?!?!

So... That's my twenty-something problem of the day, but at least I got to see a cute puppy poop in a bank, so I still consider today a win.

Enjoy the rest of your America Weekend! Yay!