I Feel Like a Real Lady/Nerd!

Okay, so first of all, I hope you all had a Happy MLK Day and that you actually had the day off, unlike me. My day was actually mega busy, which kind of sucked, so I decided that I would take the day off from blogging. Sorry to have left you all so abandoned and alone, but remember: I will always come back, readers. I love you all too much. So, by "busy" I mean that I did have to work, but in the morning but I actually had a girl date with John Hamm. We did something that we've never done together: We got manicures together. It was an odd, yet satisfying experience. John Hamm had her first manicure while she was out of town last week, and apparently now she's addicted. I'll never say no to getting myself a little pampered, so of course I wanted to join.

So, we went into this little Nail Spa on the corner of Main Street in Suburbia. We walked in and a little Asian man wearing a face mask greeted us. There was no music or TV. Just this man and his current client. We later found out that there were other manicurists there (a really sweet girl in her twenties did my nails), but at this moment, this was our only impression.

Asian Man: Hello! What you want?

Me: Oh, um.. some manicures! :)

Asian Man: Okay, you sign in and wait!

Me: Okay...thanks...

Asian Man (shouting): You want shellack or regular?!?!

Me & John Hamm: Um, regular.

So, we signed in and proceeded to pick out our colors. This took FOREVER. It turns out that we are not the most decisive people in the world. Imagine that.

Me: I think I'll do purple. I like purple.

John Hamm: Yeah... I don't really have a go-to color... Maybe blue?

Me: Blue is fun.

John Hamm: But then you have to match your nails to your jeans, and if they don't end up matching everyone around you will be all "why don't her nails match her clothes?"

Me: ...I don't think that's true...

After many more color-related conversations like this, we finally came up with the best and most nerdy manicure ever:


Yup. We sat side-by-side and had these manicurists do our nails up nerd-like. And we were proud.

All in all, it was a really fun girl date. It only got weird sometimes, like when John Hamm's manicurist (the Asian man from before) said he had a tickle in his throat. He went into the back room, presumably to get some water. We then heard an odd gagging sound. John Hamm, my manicurist (the twenty-something girl), and I all shared a confused and concerned look.

My Manicurist: Is he throwing up?

John Hamm: Oh no!

And then then man appeared with a smile on his face, ready to work.

And that's what I call a commitment to your craft.