I have the house to myself which means I'm kind of unstoppable.

Fiance is out of town this weekend because his brother is a superhero who is competing in an Ironman competition. Sadly, this does not mean that he is going to put on a metal suit and fly around with gobs of money and snarkiness, but apparently it means that he's running, biking, and swimming a lot for about twelve hours. I have to stay home because of work, but I'm kind of okay with it after having been LIED TO about the nature of this event. Fiance says I was never lied to. I think that they should have come up with a different name for the competition because it is by nature A LIE. Fiance says that the name has nothing to do with Tony Stark and I think that's copyright infringement. Tony Stark is Ironman (spoiler alert?), therefore the contest cannot be Ironman, right? We should sue. Or maybe Tony Stark should sue. Can anyone sue for this? And while we're on it, are women named Sue upset that their name brings such doom? Have they tried forming a group and suing for the right to take their names back? Is this a possibility? I need to talk to a lawyer. What was I talking about again? Oh right: Fiance is out of town.

Usually this would mean that I spiral into a weird corner of sadness and anxiety, but for some reason I'm kind of letting myself enjoy the time alone. Maybe it's because we actually live together now and this alone time thing hasn't happened in a while.

Maybe it's because he went grocery shopping for me before he left and bought me all my favorite foods - all cheese-based, of course.

Or maybe I'm finally stabilizing and becoming a capable adult.... HA! Good one, me... Good one...

Gio, however, is not taking it as well, as evidenced by a series of texts I shared with Fiance this morning:

Me: He's so grumpy with me today.








Fiance: Are you sure he isn't mad at me?

Me: For leaving? Oh definitely.

Fiance: He shouldn't be so mad because he has half of the bed all to himself.

Me: Literally happening RIGHT NOW. IMG_5418







So... That's happening. This is my life. It's filled with cheese and grumpy dogs and video games and books. It's really not that different from when Fiance is home, actually... All it's really missing is logic and basic fire safety.