I love you like these kitties: In a neck-biting, face-licking sort of way.

So I have this friend, Sara*. She was the first person I met in Stars Hollow when I moved here and there are days when I honestly don't know what I would do without her. You know when you're a weird person and you move to a new town where you know no one except for the woman that hired you and you spend weeks praying that you'll meet someone who is just as weird as you are, or at the very least can appreciate your level of odd? I met that person. That person is Sara.

Sara has a knack for writing me the greatest notes of all time, and since February is LetterMo, I thought this was the perfect time to share them with you:

On my birthday, she gave me this card:


And inside she wrote this:


This card has been hanging on my refrigerator for months now. I never intend to take it down.

So then I needed to go out of town one Sunday and I asked Sara if she would be so kind as to stop by my house and take the dog out in exchange for a beverage. She took that deal to heart because when I got home, I found this in my kitchen:



She later informed me that if it looked like the mug had been quite full, I shouldn't be alarmed. It had simply sloshed around while she was drinking it while walking my dog.

She also took the time to switch my calendar over to February and properly mark any major upcoming events:


Because she likes to make sure I'm always informed. And for that I love her. You know, in a neck-biting, face-licking sort of way.

*This is not the same "Sara" you have read about on this blog before. This Sara is breaking molds and has decided to use her actual name here on AAPP... That brave, brave woman....