I Require Quirk in the Workplace

So, working in a bookshop means that I get to work with some of the most kindest and strangest people on earth - and I mean that in the most flattering way. My boss recently admitted that we could do with a little more quirk in the store, just to generate some personality and humor between us and the customer.

My face lit up at this suggestion. I have been pushing for quirk for years. This was the new beginning.

So some of us started spit-balling, if you will. Kelloggs decided that he'd like to put a sign underneath this book:

And then he started coming up with some more:

But then I discovered the ultimate. It's best if I just show you the emails between my boss and I...

From: Me
To: Bosslady
Subject: Re: It's a little weird, but go with me here...
Okay, so this new book just came out and it was featured on The Daily Show. It's called "Vagina: A New Biography"
Now, before you make the mistake of thinking it's a crude or comical book, it's actually super scientific and revolutionary for women and how we're built.
AND I was thinking that since it is women's month we could do a really QUIRKY display with it next to the book "Breasts"
Like this:
It would be awful quirky...
No? Too much? Just think about it :)
From: Bosslady
To: Me
Subject: Re: It's a little weird, but go with me here...
Too much for my first outing with quirkiness. Maybe next time.

I was so sad, but I guess I may have been aiming a little high with that one for the first go...

Feel free to send me your suggestions for quirk that we can post around the shop, as well!