I Win at Shopping

Last night, Dragon and I were shopping at a huge corporate chain that I normally hate supporting, but due to the time of night and my meager finances, I didn't have a choice. 
Shopping with Dragon is always an ordeal. We don't fight, necessarily, but I become a small child in stores. 
Allow me to explain... This was our conversation last night at 10:30 in the store:
Me: OOooooo... look at this!
Dragon: Emelie, please don't wander off and make me have to search for you.
Me: Why are you holding my hand?
Dragon: So that you don't wander off.
Me: Oh, not because you love me?
Dragon: *sigh...*
Me: Will you buy some dinner that I can eat, too? (I'm a vegetarian. Dragon is not. Shopping together is also difficult for this reason.)
Dragon: Sure, but why?
Me: I have no money.
Dragon: ...Why don't you have any money?
Me: Because rent was due on Monday and I don't get paid until Friday, so I opted to buy food for Gio instead of myself.
Dragon: ...
Me: ...
And then I saw it.
Me: *GASP!* Oh my gosh! I love it!
Dragon: Sucks that you don't have any money.
Me: It's only two dollars!
Dragon: And you have no dollars.
Me: Well, I have two dollars....
Dragon: Emelie, no. You don't need that.
Me: But, Dragon... It's a freaking Elmo Sandwich Case!! All of my sandwiches would be filled with love and freshness!
Dragon: No.
Me: Fine... Can I come back on Friday after I get paid and buy it?
Dragon: Even though you're an adult with your own car, I'm still going to say no. Maybe this is what you need: someone telling you "yes" or "no" like a parent for the rest of your life.
Me: Noooo......
So we continued serpentining through the aisles, getting "necessities" like food and stuff, but I couldn't get my mind off of that Elmo Sandwich Case. I needed it. It would motivate me to make sandwiches...
So I wandered off...quietly and quickly. 
Dragon: Goddammit.
I returned to my loving boyfriend with a triumphant grin on my face, carrying the soon-to-be-mine sandwich case. Dragon rolled his eyes and sighed with frustration. 
And that is how I won that battle. Now I just need to buy some bread, bananas, and peanut butter.