If Curiosity Finds a Cat, He Best Live Out His Proverb.

So, some of you may remember when I took Dragon to pick out a kitty. That kitten is crazy.

Seriously, she's like an insane black puffball with eyes.

We tried naming her all sorts of things, like Reggie, but nothing was sticking so we just call her Kitty. Dragon did think of one that kind of stuck: Blackie Chan. It does suit her, due to the fact that she spends most of her time running and jumping off of walls and then attacking people as they walk by unsuspectingly...

Other than that, we thought she was normal...and then Dragon texted me...

Dragon: Kitty shit all over herself last night and was wiping her butt all over the carpet like a dog.

Me: Hahahahahahahahahaha - that's hilarious.

Dragon: No. Now there are shit stains everywhere.

Me: Maybe she was decorating? Or trying to send a message? KIND OF LIKE CROP CIRCLES!!

Dragon never responded to that, but it really got me thinking that this cat is some sort of crazy alien Kitty sent to destroy us or befriend us or probe us or something... She is strangely fascinated with certain body parts of the human that differ from her own... like noses, feet, or hands... And pants... She's always attacking pants...

So what if she's sent here to learn how we work and then all the other Kitty Aliens are going to invade Earth and our brains and then they'll start ruling the world and making us their minions??? THAT'S why the new Mars Rover is named Curiosity! NASA already knows about the Kitty Aliens!! WAY TO GO NASA!!!

This is why I'm a dog person. Gio is so not smart enough to invade Earth and I like it that way.