If You Give a Dragon a Kitty

So, if you follow my twitter account, you know that I took Dragon to get a kitten yesterday.
Holy adorable, Batman. This might have been the cutest thing a girlfriend could have ever witnessed. 
And then I realized the severity of my actions...
Allow me to explain... Via my own very short and very awful version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".
Seriously, it's terrible. Like, I need to take a moment to apologize to Laura Numeroff for destroying her classic with this awful imitation. 
But it has really cute pictures of a kitten, so I know you'll look at it anyway. 
If You Give a Dragon a Kitty
by Emelie Samuelson
If you give a dragon a kitty...
 ...of course they'll love each other right away,

because who doesn't love a kitty, eh?

Kitty will whisper in Dragon's ear...

and at home, kitty will wonder why you're still here!

Or maybe kitty just wants to play?

Or it just wants better view of Dragon's videogames...

And then they'll snuggle and watch a movie

Because compared to girlfriends, kitties are way more groovy.

The end.

And that is the story of how I may have lost my boyfriend to a cat. A really freaking cute cat that I can't get enough of.

Updates are sure to come - with less disrespect towards children's authors.