I'm Baaaaack

Hello readers!!! First of all, thank you so much for all of your encouraging words, emails, and just general amazingness. I'm so blessed with a community of friends both on- and offline who care, and I want you to know that it does not go unnoticed.

This week was certainly a rough one for me and my friends. Relationships ended, people were in and out of the hospital, and it turns out that Corgi I showed you a couple of weeks ago feels the need to pee everywhere that is not outside.

But don't worry, we managed to have a blast throughout it all. The sun came out and temperature rose for a few days, so we hiked a ton, and then came the best news of all:

My niece was born on Friday, March 8th. She's a beautiful baby. She came at just the right time. John Hamm and I spent that evening scrolling through the same seven pictures of her while we drank a glass (or two) of wine to celebrate. I haven't officially met her yet, because my sister and her husband don't live anywhere nearby, but I already love that little peanut to death and I cannot wait to hold her.

Other than that, here are some other highlights you missed in my life this week:

Jane got organized.


John Hamm narrowly dodged a contempt of court order in Akron, Ohio. I'd explain further, but I don't want to have the officials after me, either.


I bought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underwear because I'm an adult.


A conversation with Jane:



A conversation with John Hamm:

Me: So, yesterday on my way into work, I heard that Bruno Mars song about buying a chick flowers and stuff, and I totally started getting all depressed because of it's relevance to my life.

John Hamm: Oh my god, you related to a Bruno Mars song. I can't speak to you right now.

And then later on....

John Hamm: So, I actually listened to that "I should have sent you flowers" song on my way home just now, and you're right, it's eerie. Also, Bruno Mars still sucks.

And then even more later.... 

Me: Jane, Bruno Mars is stalking me. It's getting awkward.

Jane: I like that guy. He wrote "Fuck You" for Cee Lo Green.

Me: Crap. Now I think I like Bruno Mars.


And then we watched this movie


And, of course, I had drinks with Pixie Stick. We were seriously two hot chicks away from being a Sex and the City episode. Okay, we were also lacking a lot of other things, but still. She blogged about that night here and you should all read it, because it can only enhance your life.

So yeah, that's all the stuff I can remember right now. Thanks for sticking by me guys.

See you tomorrow!!