I'm Back. Your Life Can Resume Now.

Duckies, STOP PANICKING!! I'm alive. I'm really sorry that I took a random, totally unannounced week off from the Internet, but my family came to town, and let me say to all of you mommy bloggers that I have MASSIVE respect for you all. How you manage to write well-crafted blog posts on a regular and frequent basis with small children around is astounding to me now.

My parents' house looked like this for the past week: 9 adults, 4 dogs, and 3 grandchildren all under the age of 5. Life was cray, you guys. Life was cray.

I also sort of hate myself for saying "cray" just now.

Anyway, the week is coming to a close now. Almost everyone has headed back to their homes in different parts of the country and Gio has resorted to sitting under the coffee table and staring at me: gioannoyed

The good news is that even though I never had a moment to sit down this week and type out the wise and thought-provoking blog posts that you all come here for, I did find some time to sit down with my good friend Rachel and crank out the second episode of "Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice." Phew!

So, yeah, I'll be back on Wednesday with a real post, but for now, I'll leave you with the latest episode of our romantic wimsy: