I'm not dead yet.

I’m exhausted and worn out, but if I don’t post today it will be the third week in a row that I haven’t blogged and that’s a dangerously slippery slope I’m standing at the edge of… so hi.

I’m not dead. I’m just annoyingly busy — well, I was busy two weeks ago, and then last week I had a chronic pain flare up (which I guess counts as busy?) and then this week I’m busy again.

It’s nothing very exciting. I wish I could be like “I’m busy… on secret, but very exciting project that I can’t tell you about, but soon… soon, friends…” and then a month later, I could be like “OH MAN, MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: I GOT A BOOK DEAL!!!!!!”

But no. That’s not the case.

I’m busy working at at my normal job, but then also this week I’m helping to prepare for a huge annual fundraiser that the church I attend puts on, and it’s just… a lot of work. The fundraiser is essentially a giant tag sale and I am in charge of the used books department. So this week I’m sorting through so many weird, used books that people have donated, and let me tell you… I’ve found some real gems. I’m going to throw some photos up on the Patreon of some of my favorite discoveries.

But anyway… I’m here, and I’m alive.

And I promise to have real, actual content for you next week.

Until then… think of me when you see a gross, moldy book. I’ll be thinking of all of you…