I'm Not Sick Anymore!! Yay!!

Never fear, Readers!!! You're fearless blogger is here!! I woke up this morning, feverless, and feeling way less shitty than I have been in the past few days. For some reason, my hips hurt like hell, though... I decided not to question that, stick a heat pad on my lower back, and face the day.

I emailed my boss to tell her that I will be coming in, and that to be safe, I will Clorox everything I touch throughout the day. She seemed pleased with that answer.

So now I'm sitting on my bare mattress while I wash my disease-ridden sheets and Gio plays outside. This is a win-win, seeing as how he loves to be outside and I love to not have my mattress destroyed any further than it already has been.

Here are some of the highlights of the past three days:

A Texting Conversation with Dragon

Me: I still have a fever. I had to  call off of work. If I die, remember that I love you... and you can have Gio.

Dragon: My computer exploded and we don't have hot water.

Me: For real exploded? Bad days all around...

Dragon: Yeah, I had to buy a new video card, but the one I bought is pretty cool.

Me: Oh... cool... Today I slept for 50 hours, coughed until I couldn't breathe, and ran out of dog food.

Dragon: Sounds like fun... just as much fun as bathing with a pot of hot water...

Me: Or waking up with a closed throat...

Dragon: I doubt it... Don't eat so much dog food.

Me: It was the only thing I could keep down!!

Side note: I didn't actually eat dog food. My dog ate all the dog food. I would never actually eat dog food. Unless I was being forced or something.

The Very Definition of a Loyalty and Dickishness at the Same Time

So, while I'm feverish and achy, my dog never left my side. He also stole and used my tempurpedic pillow for three days.

Another Texting Conversation While I Was Watching "Yes Man" Last Night

Me: Let's be Yes people. Let's be that couple.

Dragon: No.

Me: That was meant ironically, right? I see what you did there...

A Phone Conversation with Dragon Earlier that Night

Me: Can you come over?

Dragon: No, Emelie. I'm sorry, but I have class really early in the morning, and I can't get sick right now.


Dragon: Oh my gosh, seriously? You're sick. Just go to sleep.


Dragon (laughing now): No! I have to go to bed and so do you!

Me: ...Well you don't have to be a jerk about it...

Dragon: What?

Me: Nothing.

Dragon: I'm not being a jerk! I brought you stuff yesterday!

Me: I know...

Dragon: Just get better by Thursday, okay?

Me: Why?

Dragon: ...Because Thursday is Valentine's Day, remember?

Me: Oh yeah.... Crap... What are we doing?

Dragon: Stuff. Now go to sleep.

And I didn't. I stayed up watching movies and feeling like death for another 3 hours before finally falling asleep to The Dick Van Dyke Show. Because I'm awesome that way.