I'm Still Sort of Sick and This Post Doesn't Really Have a Point.

I have nothing to write about today - which is a total bummer. I'm still sick, but not sick enough to call off of work, which is good.

Gio ate my mattress last night, well, just part of it, but still. That's a whole new level of eating stuff that you're not supposed to. It's tied with eating the smoke detector. I'm literally afraid to leave him alone again, but I have no choice. A girl's gotta work, and unfortunately this girl cannot take her dog with her.

Right now he's doing that thing where he lays on the ground and stares at me all "Do you still love me?" and I'm like "Ugh, yes, but you pissed me off so leave me alone."


Well, I guess that's all for today.

Oh, and if you haven't already, go see Cloud Atlas. It was freaking amazing, and Jim Sturgess is still my number one dream man.