Is It Illegal to Date Someone Who Sometimes Simply Acts Like a Kid?

My texting conversation with Dragon yesterday: Me: Borning...

Dragon: ?

Me: Get it? My m's still sound like b's!!! :D

No response...

Me: Because I can't stop being sick!

Still nothing... 

Me: But I'm still gonna go work at a restaurant tonight! Because I'm irresponsible and need to pay rent! ;)

Dragon: What the frack are you talking about?

Me: What are YOU talking about? What part of this is not making sense to you?

Dragon: I ate skittles for breakfast.

Me: Um... that's a weird response for a number of reasons. Is that why you don't understand me? Now I'm confused...

Dragon: You're confused??

Me: Yes. I'm confused.

Dragon: My tummy hurts :(

Me: I'm sure the skittles helped.

Dragon: Don't mock me!

Update on my sickness: I'm definitely feeling better today. Thanks for all your well-wishes and stuff! You all rock :)