It's December. Where the Heck is My Snow?

This is outrageous, people! How can I get in the Christmas spirit without snow? I know you warm-climate-livers are all shaking your heads and laughing at me, but I'm spoiled. I've lived in Northeast Ohio for almost my entire life - and when I wasn't here, I was in England or Sweden.

I need my damn snow.

Not this:

I tried to tell Gio to look sad, but I think  we all know that modeling is not his destiny

Yeah. What the balls, people? If this is my first winter with a Husky, I expect blizzards. Save this crap for March.

In other unrelated, yet happier news, thank you to everyone who has been donating to the IndieGogo fundraiser to keep the indie bookshop (which keeps me employed) in the right hands. I just checked this morning and in only 2 days we've already raised $750! There are just 41 days left to reach our $50,000 goal, so please keep spreading the word and THANK YOU for everything you may have already done or are about to do. You guys rock my world! And please keep reading Kate's blog for updates!