It's Possible that Baybe Being Sick Has Bade Be Buch Weirder...

Conversation I just had with my blog friend, GK Adams today via Twitter: Me: Good borning by faithful followers! As you bay have deduced, I ab still sick. I wish I had by bobby, but apparently I bust be a growed up.

GK Adams: Apparently your keyboard is sick too and has done away with your letter M, only replacing it with the letter B. LOL!

Me: I bight have to do an entire blog post like this. It's actually kind of fun! It kind of changes the context of things...

GK Adams: It definitely makes you "sound" sickly.

Me: Bary had a little labb, little labb, little labb! Barry had a little labb and it was white as snooooowww... Not as cute..

GK Adams: It might not be cute, but that's funny as hell!

It's so like her to laugh at by bisfortune. I bean, here I ab, sick as a dog, and she's over there giggling her bind away. If I wasn't already, I'd say that it bakes be sick.

Of course, that's not true. I also think I sound hilarious when I'b sick, which is why I've decided to call Dragon and leave hib hilarious voicemails in this voice, but when I tried, I found out that his bailbox is full. That ban needs to listen to his bessages! If only for the sake of by cobedy!

What are sobe other good tongue twisters that by sickness can bake funnier?

I googled it. Here are the favorites! See if you can figure them out!:

Barry Bac's bother's baking Barry Bac barry be.

Beter baid Bary barried banly Batthew Barcus Bayo, a boody bale bailman boving bostly betered bail.

Buch bashed bushrooms.

Bubbies bake boney. <--Phonetically speaking, that one just sounds horrific!

Alright, well I'b off to keep resting and stuff. Hope you're all feeling fantastic and not crubby like be! :)