It's the Most Awkwardest Time of the Year! (Ding... dong... ding... dong!)

That's right folks. Christmas is in the freaking air AND I LOVE IT. This is by far the best time of year, people. It's time for snow forts, ice skating, sweaters, and Santas on every corner that kids never seem to get suspicious of.

It's Christmas time.

December is upon us tomorrow and to celebrate, Jackie Chan and I have been working all morning to create some items that you know you'll need in your home.

Go to the store to check out my new merchandise - it's full of awkwardly Christmasy cheer! Give us more suggestions, too - because we will more than totally try and make whatever Awkwardly Alive type stuff you want! :)

Also, everyone who has a smartphone needs to download the free game "Tiny Castle". Old friends of mine designed/wrote this little game and it's too much fun. Seriously. The music is great. The writing is adorable - the game is all around super fantastic, plus it's totally free for you, so what do you have to lose (other than your productivity, and who wants that junk anyway)?