Just Two Bros.

Okay, so today is about sharing. I need to introduce you all to an amazing new blog written by my good friend, Anderson Cooper, and his roommate, Remy.

The blog is Just Two Bros.

Anderson Cooper and Remy are fresh graduates from NYU. They're both actors and they met in a studio class their freshman year of college. Like all wonderful friendships, they started as enemies and then it grew from there.

Just Two Bros is all things that a blog should be. It's clever, funny, witty, charming, and above all else: vulnerable. I'm finding that vulnerability might be one of the most important things when it comes to not only blogging, but writing life in general. Anderson and I had a conversation about this recently, actually. We discussed how much we love being honest and open with our readers. He has absolutely no fear of sharing, and I'm jealous of that. Not that I'm closed off or anything, but the sense of openness and honesty that Anderson and Remy provide is beyond moving, but not in that scary way. It's actually super comfortable. In other words, you all should sit back, relax, and enjoy the Open.

When you read their blog, you'll find that you might fall in love with both of them right away. They not only write to you, the reader, but they leave little notes for one another within their posts, as well. I love it. It's almost like they've invited you into their cozy, little nook where they share everything.

Alright, I'll stop rambling about how awesome these two dudes are. I hope you love reading this blog just as much as I do. Enjoy the wit. Enjoy the charm.

Enjoy the Bros.