Ladies, Watch BSG - You'll Be Pleased.

I will admit. I never wanted to start watching Battlestar Galactica. I was convinced that it was one of the nerdiest shows ever. John Hamm rolled her eyes every time I made fun of her for watching it, insisting that I just didn't understand. 
Then I sat and watched the first two episodes.
I'm fracking hooked. Not to mention, there are some hotties on this show! 
Allow me to introduce two beautiful men.

Jamie Bamber, who plays Apollo on BSG
Michael Trucco, who plays Anders
The following is a texting conversation I had about these two men with John Hamm. Before I begin, however, I need to emphasize that the "Apollo" in this conversation is not the "Apollo" that I've posted about in the past. This is the guy the latter wishes he could be. 
Me: Whoa! New hottie in the cast. Anders. Mmmmm....
John Hamm: I know, right?
Me: Also, I'd like to jump Apollo's bones. Right now.
John Hamm: If you had to choose, would you pick Anders or Apollo?
Me: Apollo.
John Hamm: Dat's fair.
Me: What about you?
John Hamm: Apollo. Anders is a CLOSE second though. Picture [Apollo] in a suit. It's just game over.
Me: Yeah. Then again, the guy could probably pull off a tutu.
John Hamm: I hereby shamelessly admit that I would still bang Jamie Bamber if he were wearing a tutu and leg warmers. ... Which, I suppose would mean that he'd be dressed almost like Jim Carry in Ace Ventura.
Me: Hahahahahahahaha - A-FRACKING-MEN.
See, friends? Nerdy girls talk about sex and stuff too... 
Also, a side note - When searching for pictures of Jamie Bamber, I found out he is actually British. So his hot points just doubled. 
You're welcome.