My Dog Got Elmo High and It's John Hamm's Birthday!

  Some of you may remember my purchasing an AMAZING Elmo sandwich case a few weeks back. If not, go back and read about it, because it was seriously the best purchase of my life. Until a few days ago.



Dragon: Emelie... What happened to your Elmo sandwich case?

Me: Well.. I think Gio freaked out when I left one morning at a time that I don't usually leave, and that's how he got his revenge...

Dragon: He looks stoned!


Me: I know! It's so sad! I still hadn't even gotten a chance to use him!

Dragon: Well.. I'm so glad you decided to spend your last three dollars on that.

Me: It was only two dollars...

Needless to say, I used Stoned Elmo for my peanut butter and banana sandwich yesterday, and yes: my co-workers did give him strange looks. I love him anyway.


On a totally separate note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND EVER, JOHN HAMM!!!!!!! This weekend, John Hamm and I will be driving to Virginia to visit Apollo. You bet your booty that there will be amazing stories posted about this.

This was our conversation this morning:

John Hamm: We leave tomorrow!!! And it's supposed to rain the whole weekend that we're there!!!


John Hamm: Haha - thanks! :) If my age was dozens of donuts, I'd be a fatass.

Me: "Would be"? ... Even on your birthday, I shall call you a fatty.

John Hamm: And that is why we're bestbians*.

*We learned term "bestbians" from the hilarious comedian Kristen Schaal. Watch her: