My Dog, the Vomiting Protester.

Conversation between me and Dragon the morning after Gio woke us up by gagging in the middle of the night: Dragon: What makes him throw up?

Me: I don't know... maybe he eats grass while he's outside.

Dragon: Well, it's concerning that he pukes as much as he does...

Me: He doesn't puke that much... only every once in a while in the middle of the night...

Dragon: Really? I thought it was every night.

Me: No.... only every once in a while.

Dragon: He's thrown up every time I've spent the night...

Me: Holy crap, you're right... Do you think he's doing it out of protest? Can dogs make themselves throw up?

Dragon: ...He really doesn't like me, does he?

Me: There are definitely issues.


So there you have it, people. My dog gets pissed at my boyfriend for taking his spot in the bed, so he forces himself to vomit in order to get attention. I mean, honestly, that's the only explanation, right?

On the plus side, Dragon and I have totally mastered the art of getting Gio to puke in the toilet. It's kind of awesome.