My Obsession with Dick Van Dyke Continues...

A conversation I had with Gumby on my day off this week: Me: Hey, what's going on?

Gumby: Not much. Doing little projects and stuff.

Me: Sames. Well, not really, actually. I'm not really being productive at all... but I'm sort of okay with it. I slept in until 10:45 today and you know what my first thought was when I looked at the time?

Gumby: What?

Me: "Eeeewww... then again, Dick Van Dyke does it all the time on his day off, so I guess it's okay." I think there's something wrong with my perspectives on life.


Those of you who have seen The Dick Van Dyke show may or may not know what I'm talking about. Every few episodes there is a scene where Rob (DVD's character) has a day off, so he sleeps in, and Laura (Mary Tyler Moore - or MTM) is telling their son to not bother his dad on his day off. Whenever Rob wakes up and asks what time it is, Laura always, without a doubt, says "It's almost 11, dear." And she's not saying it like she's mad or surprised, she just says it.

This is so different from how I grew up or even think about waking up. In my family, my dad would yell at my brother for sleeping until noon - and I was never a big fan of doing that anyway.

I set my alarm for 8am on my days off. I usually sleep for a bit after that, but I love getting up "early" - there's something about sleeping that I find to be a waste of time. There's so much that one could do with their day! You could go for a walk, or read a book, or kill some dragons. I mean, honestly, if you think about all the great adventurers and stories that you've heard throughout your life, do you think any of those heroes were mega snoozers? No. They would get up at dawn and say "Today, I'm gonna save the world. I'm gonna kick some ass and then marry that waitress who served me my coffee while I was in disguise at the beginning of this film." And that's how I want to feel every freaking morning - like I could wake up and go on an adventure. Usually, I just end up sitting around and not doing my dishes. Still, though, I feel like even that is worth waking up early for!

Lately, though, my body has been all "STOP GETTING UP SO FRACKING EARLY. I'M TIRED. YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING EXCITING ANYWAY." So I've been sleeping in. Every freaking day. And it is disgusting.

But it's okay, because Dick Van Dyke does it sometimes, too. And I love Dick Van Dyke, so how can I throw away something that we share in common? Right?

Like this: I need to start doing more awesome things with my day. Suggestions? Throw them at me, people. Make my life exciting!