Nice to Meet You, Mr. Erin Brockovich.

So, yesterday, Fiona and I are working at the shop, selling books and stuff, like we do, when in comes this dude. Fiona: Hello, sir! How are you?

Dude: Doing well, how are you ladies?

Fiona: Great, thanks!

Me: Can we help you find anything today?

Dude: Nah, I'm just kicking the tires.

Fiona: Do you need a penny to check the tread? (These are Fiona's favorite types of jokes)

Dude: Haha, no thank you.

Fiona: Do you really kick the tires when you're shopping for new ones?

Dude: No, but I do check the tread - and the VIN number.

Me: Tires have a VIN number?

Dude: Yes, and you should always check it, because they might be expired. Did you know that tires have an expiration date?

Fiona: What?? They do??

Dude: Yes! You should always check the VIN number, because the older the tires, the worse they are. There are also certain times of year that you shouldn't buy a new car - for example, in the summer is when they start their new training shifts, so any cars made in the summer are the ones made by workers in training. Risky.

Me: Um... Sir, what do you do for a living?

Dude: Oh, I'm a lawyer. I sue big companies.

Me: Wow, really? What kind of law do you practice?

Dude: Well, mainly I work to take down corporations that make faulty medical equipment and such.

Fiona: No way! So, you know Julia Roberts, right?

Dude: Haha, no, but I do know the actual Erin Brockovich.

Me & Fiona: Seriously??

Dude: Yeah, Erin's in New York now. She's such an awesome woman. Anyway, I'll take this book here for my three-year-old.

And then Fiona and I met up with John Hamm, and while we were telling her all about Mr. Erin Brockovich, we realized that he was actually sitting like four tables away from us. If he heard us, I bet we made his night.

What can I say? Working in an indie bookshop is kind of badass.

Anyway, thank you, Mr. Erin Brockovich. You taught me so much last night. Please come back again!

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