Oh, Snow You Didn't.

I feel like everyone is experiencing amazing amounts of snow right now, EXCEPT FOR CONNECTICUT, and I’m not going to lie, friends… I’m not happy about this.

Last week we were supposed to get a massive amount of snow. A deluge, if you will. For days the forecast was like “OMG SO MUCH SNOW IS COMING YOUR WAY, CT. SO. MUCH. SNOW.”

Businesses were announcing that they would be closed days in advance. It was gonna be a big one.

And then the night before, everything changed.

All of a sudden the forecast was like “Ummmmm actually…. looks like it’s just gonna be a little snow followed by a disturbing amount of rain… so…. byeeeee.”

I was not happy.

The thing is, I love snow. I love snow so much that I have dogs who love snow. We just bought a new Jeep that is snow ready all the time, for crying out loud! Sometimes I spend my time on the internet just browsing for used dog sleds to purchase. We even received an antique toboggan as a wedding gift.

And right now it’s starting to feel a little personal. Like… am I too thirsty? Is snow kind freaked out by how much I like it? Is snow avoiding me?

I know that this is all probably due to climate change and global warming and whatnot, but the fact that the morning of our predicted storm I received a text from my mom in the family group chat with this photo…

….It just feels a little bit like Snow has been posting pictures with his hot new girlfriend all over my Instagram feed, you know? And you know Snow knows I can still see them. You know he’s posting these expecting me to see them.

And it’s frankly a little rude.

Like, what, am I not good enough or something?

(I just realized that in this scenario I’ve made my mom the hot new girlfriend of my ex, Snow, which is pretty screwed up when you think about it… or even when you don’t think about it, but we’re just going to roll with this because it’s the best metaphor I have for how I’m feeling right now. Don’t judge me.)

I guess all I’m asking is for Snow to give me one more chance. Let’s talk this out. I can’t promise that the dogs won’t pee on you again, but let’s be honest, that happens wherever you go.

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