Pay No Attention to the Cemetery in the Backyard.

Yes, that is a cemetery in my parents' backyard. Nevermind that. LOOK AT THE SNOW! Okay, so yesterday, we definitely got snow and I am so happy. The weather people deceived me a few times, and they teased me this time, but they so delivered.

And yes. That is a cemetery. I did grow up with that cemetery in my backyard, and  no I did not ever find it creepy. I was told by all of my friends, however, that I am the one to send out the signal when zombies start rising from the graves. Let's be honest, though, these days Zombies don't dig themselves out of their graves anymore, they're really just sick people or people high on bath salts. Grave digging zombies are so Michael Jackson in Thriller... And by "grave digging zombies" I don't mean zombies who dig graves... I mean zombies that dig themselves out of their own graves... You get it.

What was I talking about? Oh. Snow. Right. It's here. More is coming. I'm super excited. So is my niece. She's been making Gio pull her around the yard on her sled all week. It's been fantastic!

Must go. Sledding awaits!