People Trust Me With Their Children. I Know... I'm Scared, Too.

Hello, Duckies!!

I'm in Chicago this week, spending most of my time with my 2-month-old niece, who may or may not be the most adorable and goofy thing alive. She is definitely related to me. I'd post pictures, but my sister has requested that her child not be unveiled to the entire internet universe just yet. I took this as a compliment, since my sister thinks that my blog reaches the entire internet universe (which it totally does....). So, unfortunately, I don't have any adorable pictures of my niece to share with you, but I do have this gem of me being an awesome aunt: 



Yeah. Enjoy that. I can rock a baby carrier like no other. 

Today is my sister's first day back at work, so I'm actually babysitting this little nugget of hers all day. I love being an aunt. This is my third go at it, and I think I'm starting to perfect the art of it all. Obviously, this newest addition to my family is too young to have all the weird conversations with, but that day will come. Right now, I get to sing her funny songs and tell her all of my weird thoughts without getting those judgmental looks that adults always give me. Things like:

"Sofia, holding you while doing everything else I normally do is like having only one arm... Can you imagine if I had only one arm and I still had to take care of you? What on earth would I accomplish all day? I think I could pull of the look, though... Here, sit in your bouncy chair and look at me: Can I pull off the one-arm look?" 

"I bet I can hold my breath longer than you can... I WIN!"

"You have the tiniest little toenails... You know how people say that our eyes never actually grow or that our ears never stop growing? What if our toes never grew... that would be weird..." 

I really hope I'm not giving this kid weird dreams... 

Other things that I have observed:

  • Breast pumps are indeed the weirdest things on this earth.
  • If a baby spits up an hour after eating, it looks way too much ricotta cheese and now I don't want lasagna for a long time.
  • Some babies literally do say "WAAAH" when they cry, which makes it really hard not to laugh at them just a little bit.

Also, do you remember the weird artwork at my lady-doctor's office?? Well, I think it's just a normal thing for doctors to do that, because, as you may have seen on my facebook/twitter/instagram, this was at the pediatrician's office yesterday: 



I'm still so confused... Why is there a dead camel? Points for anyone who can come up with the most creative explanation as to what is going on here... I would, but I have a cute baby to play with and she's starting to wake up from her nap, so nothing else in my world matters now.