Really just an announcement, but it involves knives and fire, so...

So I had this brilliant idea the other day about a new perk for Patreon.

Right?!?! I pitched the idea to my brother who usually hates all of my ideas, but this one involves me making a fool of myself, so he really responded positively. He was all "I mean, watching you try and cook is terrifyingly entertaining anyway, but watching you try to cook while trying to tell a story about your week would be ridiculous."

Me: I know. I could die. It'll be great.

Brother: I'd pay to watch that.

And my brother has very high standards when it comes to entertainment, so I think this is just about the best endorsement I could have.

So the first episode is going up next weekend (July 30th) and that first episode will go up right here on the blog for everyone to watch, but after that, the episodes will be available exclusively for Awkward Ambassadors on Patreon.

Oh! And keep watching the blog this week, because there are things I can't tell you about yet, but fun stuff is happening and I get to share it with you soon!!

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

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