Sleeping In

I slept in until 9:45 this morning. For some people, I realize that this is normal, but for me it’s weird. I’m usually awake around 7 depending on what time I went to sleep the night before, so to sleep soundly through most of my morning without being sick feels strange. It was weird and unsettling. I mean, obviously I needed the sleep, but for whatever reason there’s a real sense of guilt that settles in on me whenever I sleep in, which I would understand if it meant that I was late to work or something, but today is my day off and I have very little on my to-do list. In fact, the first thing on my list was a pedicure at 12:30pm. Actually, other than this blog, that pedicure was the only thing on my list today. Everything else I might do is just fluff.

I’d like to think that waking up earlier would have meant that I would have done something really amazing, like taken the dogs to the park and gone paddle boarding. I would have cleaned the house when I got home from this sunrise hike and baked zucchini bread before settling down to crochet an entire blanket and start working on my new novel.

Then I would meditated, done yoga, and then I would have gone out to the garden to pull some weeds and harvest some vegetables before going inside to take a shower and shave my legs. At this point I would still have time to blow-dry my hair and do my make up, but because it’s my day off and because I’m super confident in my natural beauty (definitely not because I’m lazy in incompetent with a roller brush), I would have let my hair air dry and simply apply some moisturizer to keep my skin healthy.

With still a few hours before my pedicure, I’d sit down and have some more coffee while I read a book for a while. Then I’d call my parents because I’m a good daughter, and afterwards I’d clean out my closet and take a bunch of unneeded things to a charity shop with upstanding morals. On my way home, I’d pick up a bag of dog food and donate it to the local animal shelter.

And at this point it’d be 9:45am, a time when only gross, lazy slobs are just now waking up from their snoring slumber under a bridge somewhere.

Yes… had I woken up at a decent hour, surely this is how I would have spent my morning…

I certainly wouldn’t have just watched more youtube videos than usual. What kind of a horrid monster do you take me for?

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