Snow!!! and Other Stuff!

It's finally here! It's starting to fall!! Nothing is sticking just yet, but it's a start! There are huge flakes just floating down from the sky and I am so happy it's ridiculous. I don't think I've been this happy before having had my coffee in a really long time.

If you don't recall, I did a post earlier this month about how there was no snow and I was pissed.

Well, ladies and gentlemen... If all goes well, I shan't be pissed any longer!! Haha!

All I really want is a good winter and a snowy Christmas. I didn't think that it would ever be something to have to beg for when living in Northeast Ohio, but this world is heating the hell up and I'm starting to feel it! Alright, Mr. Gore, what can we do?

Alright, well this is going to be a relatively short post because I'm mega-psyched right now and can't really focus on anything, but to make up for the lack of hilarity in words, I will leave you with this photo that John Hamm snapped of me and Gio last night:

Yup. I wake up to that. Sorry for any nightmares that this may cause.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'm going to go drink coffee and stare out my window while I hum Christmas Carols now.