Some curtains and a tv.

For me, writing is a lot of sitting around not knowing what to write about. Occasionally I come home from work and know that I need to sit down and write some things, but for some reason whenever I set aside time to write, my mind goes blank when the moment arises. I stare aimlessly at my screen and realize that the worst has happened: I have nothing to say. Okay, sure, for some of you reading this you're probably thinking "Finally," but for me, the writer, it's not the greatest. In fact, for me, it's one of the most frustrating things I can go through.

Because normally my brain is very busy and full of activity.

And then on the days that I say "TODAY I SHALL WRITE MANY WORDS," my brain just goes... blank.



What if I never think of something to write again? I'll say to myself. What if this is it? 

And, of course, I know deep down that's most likely not the case, but then I spiral down into the blank pit of writer's block. The giant hole of nothingness.

So I'll read a book about writing to try and get my brain going. But today, for example, the passage I read was all about how you need to focus in on the small moments in life. It's in the small things that the lessons hide and are learned.

So I look for small things. I stare around the room for a while and try and focus on objects that might conjure up some fantastic story.

I have curtains, I think. So... those are things. I have a giant tv that I wish wasn't so giant. That's also a thing, I guess.  

Turns out that my curtains and my giant tv don't really have much to say about my life. The curtains came from IKEA and the tv, well it's a tv.

And I know that the writer of this book didn't actually mean to find small "things," but instead was referring to small moments that illustrate the effects of a bigger life lesson, and I know that those small moments exist in my life, but whenever I sit down to write, they vanish.

All I have is some curtains and a tv.

This will pass. I take comfort in knowing that all writers go through this. Surely even J.K. Rowling has her off days. Heck, how long have we been waiting for the next Game of Thrones book?

The important thing is the not giving up. The perseverance to put words down anyway, even if it means writing about not being able to write about anything. After all, if I can get these words out of me, then maybe some good ones are waiting just around the corner in my brain.

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