Still Sick as a Dog

It's true, people. I woke up this morning feeling like I was way better. I didn't feel feverish and my joints weren't all achy. My throat was sort of closed up and my voice was gone, but other than that, I felt like a freaking gem!

Then I went to my chiropractor, who I'll call Dr. Robert (That is actually his real name, but I never call him that, because we both realized that the Beatles song makes him sound like a drug pusher).

Dr. Robert: Emelie, you still feel pretty warm.

Me: Really? Crap...

Dr. Robert: Yeah...

Me: Well... I don't actually own a thermometer, so... I was kind of just going on my gut instinct.

That's when I realized that maybe I shouldn't just wake up and be all "I'M FINE!!!" without checking some things (like my temperature) first.

So, I got my monthly adjustment and immune boost through chiropractic aid, and then I went and bought myself a boat-load of soup, called off of work, and headed home.

Now that I'm back in bed, I'm definitely noticing that I am not 100%. I'm probably operating at 40% right now. Maybe.  I'm feeling the fever again and considering that I should probably invest in one of those temperature-measuring devices... Maybe.

In other news, I have knocked out a ton of television watching. Did you know that Hulu has started creating shows now? I'm kind of loving it. I started watching this one called "Fresh Meat" about a bunch of British students in their first year of university. It makes me miss my year in England. I may or may not have watched the entire series so far... all in one sitting... Don't judge me, I'm sick.

I'm also mega pissed, because not only do I have to miss out on Taco Tuesday with John Hamm and Kelloggs, but this is TACO MOTHER-FRACKING MARDIS GRAS TUESDAY. This is an epic fail in my life. No bueno.

Alright, readers, now that you know how eventful my day has been... Tell me what's going on with you? Entertain me with your thoughts and questions that my fuzzy brain can barely comprehend right now. It's possible you might get really weird answers.


P.S. What should I be reading? TELL ME.