Pro-Choice? Pro-Life? PRO-DIRTY-DANCING!!!!

Last night I made Dragon watch Dirty Dancing with me. Not the crappy new one, but the 80's classic that is supposed to take place in the 60's, but the only indication of that is when she says it at the very beginning of the movie. Why, you ask? Because that movie is amazing, that's why. I grew up on that film, and I'm better for it. Now stop questioning my mom and dad's parenting skills. Anyway, Dragon had never seen this glorious film, so I felt it was time to open his eyes to the wonder that is "Hungry Eyes".

This was his reaction:

Dragon: So... this is a movie about a girl who loves to dance so that her crush and his lady can get an abortion?

Me: Um... not entirely... Plus, it's not his baby, jeeze. Pay attention!

Dragon: This is your favorite movie?? Emelie, that's terrible!

Me: Well, that's only how the whole situation starts! It has tones of really great messages about judging people and stuff! It's like Pride & Prejudice, but with updated dancing and more sex. Why are you taking your glasses off and closing your eyes?

Dragon: Because I'm tired.

Me: But you're missing cinematic history, here. This scene is iconic!

Dragon: Let me guess, they dance.

Me: Yeah, but with a lot of sexual tension and love in their eyes - And no one can know about it!!

Dragon: ...

And then I spent the night dancing while laying in bed, which is a skill that I have perfected. And no, that is not a euphemism for anything sexual. I literally danced while laying in bed and watching Dirty Dancing. As Did Dragon, by the way, I caught him glancing at the screen and asking me which blurry shape was which character. I knew he'd love that movie.

...Hungry eyes.... I can't stop listening to the soundtrack now.