And We Have a Winner!!! ... And Some Other Stuff Too!

Yay!! We have a winner, folks!! Option 1

In other news....

I just found this music video by Ed Sheeran and everyone needs to go watch it right now. Why? Because it stars Rupert Grint and everyone needs more of him in their lives. At least you people do, because you love me and I love Rupert, therefore you love Rupert. End of story.

Moving on!

Today, I spent the morning with Jane making felted soap.




Yeah. She's crafty like that... and I like crafts so sometimes I attempt to be crafty just like her. Most of the time I fail, but today I did pretty okay! So go me!


Dragon has the sick today, which is a total bummer, so I'm also going home soon to make some soup for him while I clean the apartment. In other words, my Monday is becoming far more domestic than most of my days. Is this what being a housewife is like? If so, it's kind of fun!!


Okay, that's all. Sorry that today's post is so flitty and sporadic... I'll do my best to organize my thoughts tomorrow.


Happy Monday to all!